Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiko Loureiro | Our Portuguese language

Kiko Loureiro, the guitarist for Brazillian metaller Angra has posted new blog updates, he wrote:

Here in Portugal all perfect one. Tomorrow it is our show (Cove) and today we were to sanction the show of the Sepulture in the Festival in the Island of the Ermal.

I could not leave to give one verified in this environment with so suggestive name… After all left me to the menu intrigued.

Kiko warns:
It uses the imagination with moderation

Abraços Lusitanos

Translation is not accurate,visit his official blog for more info
(In portuguse)


Monday, August 24, 2009

Kiko Loureiro Wrote about GIT

Angra's guitarist, Kiko Loureiro has posted an update in his blog, he wrote about his experience at Musician Institute one year ago, see the exciting video performance below.

Kiko Wrote:

When postei stows in 2008 in the GIT in Hollywood counting on the chance to also touch with the JD of the Black Label Society and with the Tommy Clufetos of the Alice Cooper and Robbie Zombie

It had promised to send link of the video that had made at the time, but as my head is senile, the lapses of memories happens of form each more frequent time. I leave here vocês to see what it passed in that night… one year later…

Translation is not accurate,visit his official blog for more info
(In portuguse)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Megadeth's Endgame Updates

Megadeth's new upcoming album "Endgame" has won the 'editors soundcheck' of German monthly metal rag, Rock Hard magazine and is featured as 'album of the month' in the September issue.

This album also was appraised track by track by To quote some of the appraised:


Doesn't Mustaine just love this kind of subject matter? A regime inflicting a brutal new world order on innocent civilians etc - it's probably a bit like being in his band. "Attention! Attention! All citizens report to your district detention centres" says the goon with the megaphone before we get a satisfyingly chuggy riffscape straight from the late 80s. Again the latter part of the song involves the accelerator being buried directly to the floor amid guitar hero meltdown.


Having been touted around for weeks now this, the first single, is a perfectly acceptable, straight-ahead metal track which in truth is one of the album's highlights; fast, power-metal that's a bit like 'Painkiller' era Judas Priest. It's as uncompromising and unintelligent as the title suggests. Mustaine's snarl is the key here as only he could deliver this with such vitriol, and there's more intense playing too as he and Broderick trade lead breaks. It's a welcome return to no-nonsense, well produced technical metal and a good advert for where Megadeth are at at this point.

Nothing Left To Lose

An ominously rumbling bass intro ushers in a rather predictable and plain riff that makes a lot of fuss about going precisely nowhere. Yet true to form, Megadeth rescue the track: the tempo builds to a frenetic conclusion of both track and a surprisingly sturdy album.

This new album will be available worldwide on September 15, a countdown counter


Dream Theater | Canadian PN09 showtimes changed

Recent update from Dream Theater's Myspace revealed showtime changes for Canadian PN09. The news are as follows:

FYI - All of the remainder of the Canadian shows are now an hour later than previously announced:

6pm doors

7pm - STS

7:45pm - BE.

8:35pm - ZPZ

10:20pm - DT

More news about Dream Theater at here.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alyson Avenue's Presence of Mind And Omega II Digital Downloads

Two previous albums from Alyson Avenue is now available as digital downloads. You can download Presence of Mind and Omega II at CD Baby.

Work has also begun to make the Albums available as Digital Downloads/Streaming on other services like iTunes, Amazon and Spotify e.t.c.

Visit Alyson Avenue's Myspace for more info.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slash's new album will out next year

Recent update from Slash revealed that his solo album will only available next year, the album which will enter the mixing process in September is really great & deserves tour support according to him.

Slash wrote:

Hey all, hope you're all good. I'm long between blogs, I know.

Anyway, I don't know how I'm supposed to wait until next year to put out this record! It is so fucking cool & I am so anxious to get it out already. We start mixing soon & that will be that, ready to go. But, I have to wait, there's no way around it, for all kinds of logistic reasons & that's the reality.

But, my VR bandmates & I had a meeting a couple of weeks ago & although the search for a singer will continue, I am going to tour on my solo record most likely thru next summer starting in March or April. We (VR) will keep the word of mouth system going & listening to submissions from singers & checking out different singer's sites etc, we know the right guy is out there somewhere. It's possible somebody could turn up before I do my tour & we could start working on new material sooner than later, in a perfect world.

As far as my tour is concerned, I have already started to put together ideas for a kickass band & the plan is to perform some new stuff, Snakepit, VR & Guns stuff. The new album is really great & deserves that I should support it. Plus, I'm really looking forward to getting out there & doing some gigs, its been more than a year since I was on a proper tour & all these one off jams are basically just a tease.

So, there's the update for now, I'm still tinkering away on the solo record but there really isn't much left to do on it but mix it, which starts in September.

Cool, Take care, talk to you soon,

Iiiiii||; ),

Sent via Satan ] ; ) >

Slash's Myspace


Steve Vai | Live In Minneapolis

Steve Vai will release Live In Minneapolis - Where The Wild Things Are on September 29th, 2009 The show was recorded and filmed at the State Theatre in Minneapolis.The album is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and audio CD.

1. Paint Me Your Face
2. Now We Run
3. Oooo
4. Building The Church
5. Tender Surrender
6. Band Intros
7. Firewall
8. The Crying Machine
9. Shove The Sun Aside
10. I’m Becoming
11. Die To Live
12. Freak Show Excess
13. Apples In Paradise
14. All About Eve
15. Gary 7
16. Beastly Rap
17. Treasure Island
18. Angel Food
19. Earthquake Sky
20. The Audience Is Listening
21. The Murder
22. Juice
23. Whispering A Prayer
24. Taurus Bulba
25. Liberty
26. Answers
27. For The Love Of God

More info at here.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nightwish T-shirt

New Nightwish T-shirt is available (acid burned black in color) which acid burn gives shirt a very distinctive and cool look.

More items available at here.


Kiko Loureiro | Coca-Cola Guitar Fest

Angra's guitarist Kiko Loureiro has posted new update about Coca-Cola Guitar Fest, in his blog Kiko wrote:

I delayed a little to postar link. They forgive.
In June I was for Chile to touch in Coca-Cola Guitar Fest.
The Festival, beyond my presence, counted on the most known guitarist, Alejandro Silva and a competition for guitaristas Chilean.

The video shows as well as was the event, also my face of suffering trying to say the language of the Kiko of the Keys.

The edition is excellent, only lacked my initiative to touch an Underwear ad-lib, where galera all in unison beat palms in accompaniment.

PS: For the uninformed musical comedies: Underwear is the most traditional Chilean rhythm: )

Of direct Kiev to the paulistano chaos and route to the Maceió.


Read the original post in Portuguese at here



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