Thursday, May 28, 2009

Steve Vai European Master Class Dates

Updates from Steve Vai's Official Website recently reveals more tour dates for his Alien Guitar Secrets Master Classes . This amazing former guitarist of Frank Zappa and David Lee Roth will be presenting his Alien Guitar Secret Master Class in Europe in June. Information about the tour dates are as follows:

June 18: Lisbon, PORTUGAL - Centro cultural Olga Cadaval Tickets
June 19: Madrid, SPAIN - Auditorio del AIE , C/Torrelara 8, Madrid Tickets
June 20: Tiel, NETHERLANDS - Twentietoe Tickets
June 21: Roermond, NETHERLANDS - Muzikaza Tickets
June 23: Aarburg, SWITZERLAND - Moonwalker Music Club Tickets
June 27: Neustadt A.d. Aisch, GERMANY - Meinl Guitar Festival Tickets

For general information about Alien Guitar Secrets Master Classes, click here.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chickenfoot 12 Days Of The Foot

New rock band Chickenfoot lined up by four amazing musicians, guitarist Joe Satriani, drummer Chad Smith , bassist Michael Anthony and vocalist Sammy Hagar has posted new video serial on their website, which is named as "12 Days of the Foot". In these videos, information of each song of the new album will be revealed daily, exactly one song per day for a time period of 12 days. The first video is now available and it talks about Avenida Revolucion.

Video for tomorrow will posting about Soap On A Rope. If you like to know the backgrounds of others songs such as Get It Up, Oh Yeah, Sexy Little Thing etc, be sure to check out their website and Youtube account, or you can return here for updates, news are updated daily. As previously posted, Chickenfoot will be released on June 9 and packaged in heat-sensitive artwork, which means when you put your hand on the CD inlay, photos of the band members will be revealed. Please support this amazing band by buying the album when it is available. Enjoy the first video of the series.

"Chickenfoot" track listing:

01. Avenida Revolution
02. Soap on a Rope
03. Sexy Little Thing
04. Oh Yeah
05. Runnin' Out
06. Get It Up
07. Down the Drain
08. My Kinda Girl
09. Learning to Fall
10. Turnin' Left
11. Future in the Past

26 May - (Video #2 is now available - Soap On A Rope)
27 May - (Video #3 is now available - Sexy Little Thing)
28 May -
(Video #4 is now available - Oh Yeah )
29 May - (Video #5 is now available - Runnin' Out )
30 May - (Video #6 is now available - Get It Up )
31 May - (Video #7 is now available -Down The Drain)
1 June - (Video #8 is now available - My Kinda Girl)
2 June - (Video #9 is now available - Learning To Fall)
3 June - (Video #10 is now available - Turnin' Left)
4 June - (Video #11 is now available - Future In The Past)
5 June - (Video #12 is now available - Bitten By The Wolf)

Day 01, 25 May, Avenida Revolution

Day 02, 26 May, Soap On A Rope

Day 03, 27 May, Sexy Little Thing

Day 04, 28 May, Oh yeah

Day 05, 29 May, Runnin' Out

Day 06, 30 May,Get It Up

Day 07, 31 May,Down The Drain

Day 08, 1 June,My Kinda Girl

Day 09, 2 June,Learning To Fall

Day 10, 3 June,Turnin' Left

Day 11, 4 June,Future In The Past

Day 12, 5 June,Bitten By The Wolf


Monday, May 25, 2009

Megadeth And Slayer On Canadian Carnage Tour

Exciting news arrives from Megadeth's official website, recent updates revealed that Megadeth's fans can meet and greet Megadeth on the Canadian Carnage tour this June, the passes are available through the MegaFanClub! Club members now can check the "Meet The Band" page at the fan club for details. For those who still don't join as a member, you can do so at this location.

The MegaFanClub gives you the opportunity as fans to gain even more access! A premium membership provides a fan package including an exclusive fan club shirt, autographed 8X10 photo, and much more, including your chance to meet Megadeth on tour!

Both Megadeth and Slayer, the two legendary bands from the United States that defined the thrash/metal genre will perform together when they co-headline four shows in Canada in late June, the last time they toured together was more than 15 years ago. This tour known as Canadian Carnage will also feature Machine Head and Suicide Silence, and will see Megadeth and Slayer each closing two of the four shows.

Bands performing are:
Megadeth, Slayer, Machine Head and Suicide Silence.

Tour Dates:
Vancouver BC, June 24, 06:40 PM
Edmonton AB, June 26, 06:00 PM
Calgary AB, June 27, 06:00 PM
Winnipeg MB, June 29, 06:40 PM

Megafanclub Presale Tuesday April 28 10AM
Ticketmaster Presale Wednesday April 29 10AM
Public On Sale Saturday May 2 10AM

Tickets still on sale now at


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stratovarius Releases New Album, Polaris.

Stratovarius, the Finnish metaller will release their new album in the United States on 26th May. This album, entitled Polaris will be released via Armoury Records, it is a division of Eagle Rock Entertainment. This is Stratovarius's first album since Timo Tolkki departed from the band and the post was substituted by Matias Kupiainen, a 25 years old Finnish guitarist who fits Stratovarius perfectly with his way of melodic guitar shredding.

Timo Kotipelto, the vocalist of the band claims that Polaris is a positive, powerful album that Stratovarius fans all over the world are certain to take to their hearts. Stratovarius who was freed from many burdens of negativity recently also explained that this album has 11 songs full of energy, musicianship, and a positive outlook and was recorded in the fall 2008 at Hästholmen and 5by5 studios in Helsinki, Finland.

The track lists are as follows:
01. Deep Unknown
02. Falling Star
03. King of Nothing
04. Blind
05. Winter Skies
06. Forever is Today
07. Higher We Go
07. Somehow Precious
09. Emancipation Suite Part I: Dusk
10. Emancipation Suite Part II: Dawn
11. When Mountains Fall

All of the tracks can be streamed at:

Here. Visit their Official Website for more info.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Steve Vai's Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class Will Hit Holland

New update arrives from Steve Vai official website, Steve Vai who is in the middle of tour to support his highly acclaimed Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class has confirmed another tour date. This amazing former guitarist of Frank Zappa and David Lee Roth will be presenting his Alien Guitar Secret Master Class in Holland. Information about the tour are as follows:

Date : Saturday, June 20
Time : 14.00 - 17.00u
Location : Twentietoe, Tiel, Holland
(Tickets are limited to 120 seats only)

Tickets are on sale now and available at

For those who still don't have an ideas of what Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class (AGSMC) is all about, here are some information, AGSMC is an unprecedented, masterclass opportunity offered by Steve Vai to all music students and guitar enthusiasts. This 3+ hour unique package gives the student a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear Steve discuss music theory, guitar techniques, the music business, and most importantly, techniques on how to discover and unlock your personal musical identity. It also includes a question and answer session, and a few attendees will be chosen to jam with Steve in this intimate environment. Check out Steve Vai's Official Website for more tour dates and locations.

Alien Guitar Secrets is broken down as follows:

1. When I Was A Little Boy
- Introduction
2. Building the Church
- Short and long term musical goals
3. Essence
- Basic guitar playing concepts and music theory
4. Under it All
- Finding and cultivating your own uniqueness on the instrument
5. Midway Creatures
- Discussion about the music business
6. K’m Pee-Du-Wee
- Bathroom Break
7. Head Cuttin’ Duel
- Jamming with Steve
8. Answers
- Q & A With Steve
9. Here I Am
- Meet & Greet, autographs and photos with Steve

More confirmed tour dates will be posted soon, stay tuned for more updates.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marty Friedman Releases Tokyo Jukebox

As previously mentioned, Marty Friedman who has finished his ninth album "Tokyo Jukebox" will release the album today, May 20 2009. Tokyo Jukebox will be released via AVEX. To support the album release, this amazing former guitarist of Cacophony and Megadeth held a "secret live event" atop Tokyo Tower on May 19. All who attended were treated to Marty Friedman's first time performing these new songs in public. More upcoming events will be held inside and outside Japan.

Exciting news also arrives from his official website, an additional live concert date is now confirmed for just after the Gods of Metal festival in Italy. Also on June 29 Marty and his band ( Drummer Jeremy Colson, Guitarist - Takayoshi Ohmura, Bassist - Ryota) will make their first trip to Russia. It is a dream of Marty's to finally play for his Russian fans. More confirmed tour dates will be post here soon, stay tuned for more updates.

Back to Tokyo Jukebox, the track lists are:
1. Tsume Tsume Tsume
2. Gift
3. Amagigoe
4. Story
5. Polyrhythm
6. Kaeritakunattayo
8. Yuki no Hana
9. Eki
10. Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana
11. Romance no Kamisama
12. Asu e no Sanka

The audio samples are available at:

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sepultura's European Tour Dates

Sepultura who is currently in the middle of touring Brazil with Brazilian metallers Angra have scheduled more European tour dates,the new dates available are as follow:

Jun. 25 - Bratslavia - Metal Over Slovak Festival
Jun. 26 - SK-Pardubice - Metal Roots Festival
Jun. 27 - CZ-Bilina - Boren Open Air
Jun. 28 - D-Duisburg - Devilside Open Air
Jun. 30 - PL-Gdynia - Club Ucho
Jul. 01 - PL-Krakow - Lochness
Jul. 02 - SI-Kosice - Jumbo Centrum
Jul. 03 - HUN-Sopran - Volt Festival
Jul. 04 - D-Leipzig - With Full Force Open Air
Jul. 05 - SK-Sala - Metroclub
Jul. 07 - A-Vienna - Arena
Jul. 08 - A-Klagenfurt - Club Stereo
Jul. 09 - CH-Winterthur - Salzhaus
Jul. 11 - D-Merzig - Rock am Bach
Jul. 12 - D-Stuttgart - Die Röhre
Jul. 14 - LUX-Luxembourg - Rockhal
Jul. 15 - D-Aschaffenburg - Colossaal
Jul. 16 - F-Paris - Nouveau Casino
Jul. 17 - B-Dour - Dour Festival
Jul. 18 - LT-Anyksciai - Devilstone Festival
Jul. 19 - EE-Tallin - Rock Cafe Club
Jul. 21 - F-Biarittz - Làtabal
Jul. 24 - E-Murcia - Lorca Rock
Jul. 25 - E-Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
Aug. 29 - PT-Ilha do Ermal - Festival Rock Ilha do Ermal

Also, this May they will perform at :

May 23 Ourinhos, SP - Brazil : TBA
May 24 Porto Alegre, RS - Brazil : Casa do Gaucho
May 29 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil : Canecão
May 30 Vitória, ES - Brazil : Ginásio Dom Bosco
May 31 Valadares, MG - Brazil : TBA

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More news at here


Monday, May 18, 2009

Children Of Bodom Canceled Tour

Bad news arrived from Children Of Bodom official website at Children Of Bodom was forced to cancel North American No Fear Energy Tour regarding their guitarist Alexi Laiho's injuries. Alexi Laiho who fell from his bunk on the band's tour bus suffered a broken shoulder and internal bleeding. Alexi was in a lot of pain and tried hard to finish the tour, but failed. He was advised by doctors not to continue, and the band is going home.

Alexi Laiho said " I give everything I have to try to finish this tour and play every remaining show", and he did, indeed attempt to do so. But it was obvious to fans who attended subsequent shows that he was struggling to cope with his injury at their show in New York on May 8th, Alexi was visibly in pain and the band were unable to continue their set beyond the third song.

He added "This was a hard decision for me and I feel bad about it,” . “But it is the right thing to do if I want to keep making music. I apologize to our great fans for not being there for the remaining shows and I want to thank all the guys from the other bands; Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, God Forbid and Municipal Waste for backing me up on this. Most of all I want to thank our fans for still being there, showing support, and continuing to rock out with me! I promise I will be back and I hope you all will too! Horns up!”

Six dates have had to be canceled, including a co-headlining show with As I Lay Dying on the 14th, but, to put the band's withdrawal from the remainder of the tour in perspective, throughout their long career, Children Of Bodom have only ever canceled two shows.
Children Of Bodom will start their European summer festival run on May 30th from Rock Hard Festival 2009 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Hopefully the festival dates will be carried out as planned earlier, wish him a fast recovery.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chickenfoot New Video Available

Great super rock band Chickenfoot formed by four amazing musicians, guitarist Joe Satriani, drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), bassist Michael Anthony and vocalist Sammy Hagar (both are ex-Van Halen) has posted new video on their official website. This video contains information about the new album such as exclusive live, rehearsal, and behind the scenes footage.

Songs featured are Avenida Revolucion, Get It Up, Oh Yeah, Sexy Little Thing and Soap On A Rope. As previously mentioned, Chickenfoot will be released on June 9 and packaged in heat-sensitive artwork, which means when you put your hand on the CD inlay, photos of the band members will be revealed behind the
Chickenfoot logo! Enjoy the video.

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Singer Annette Olzon will quit Nightwish?

Nightwish singer Anette Olzon who recently launched her own web site at is alleged having problems with the band regarding Nightwish's recent three-months break from touring. Anette reply, "At the moment, we don't have any problems. I think any group, working group, can have, after being together for a while, there will be this conflict state — every group has it; it's important for the evolvement of the group, and I think we need it. The problem wasn't that we had a problem, it was that we were so, so tired. All of us. There was no rest last year. [And now] we are all happy. We are very happy."

To manage this problem, Annette recently hired a personal manager and stated "It was a hard decision for me because I didn't want problems with the band. I said that I have different needs in these areas than the rest of the guys. I, for example, need clothing sponsors which doesn't interest the rest of the band. Now I have a person who will be able to take care of that kind of stuff ''.

Interview with Nightwish keyboardist/mainman Tuomas Holopainen revealed that Anette's divorce also one of the factor that lead this frenzy problem occurs. Tuomas replied, "She has told me a couple of times that she might not be able to handle it, on top of her divorce. I've seen her close to collapse and it has scared me, so we are protecting her. There will be no more interviews."

He added "At the beginning I had a feeling of déjà vu," he replied. "But when we discussed it I understood that she needs somebody who speaks her own language [Swedish]. Her manager is a very, very reasonable guy." Will Anette Olzon become the second singer leaving Nightwish after Tarja Turunen? I hope not.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Former IRON MAIDEN Guitarist Dennis Stratton Has 'No Regrets'

Almost every person who support metal music know the existence of legendary and most successful metal band from Britain, the Iron Maiden. All of the band members are well-known trough out the world, their trio guitarists, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray and Janick Gers are popular with their guitar riffs on songs like The Trooper, Hallowed By the Name and Invaders. But one thing that people almost forget is that Iron Maiden did had another amazing guitarist, he is Dennis Stratton (picture) . He who was still in Iron Maiden line-up when they landed major record deal with EMI back in 1979 said he has no regrets quitting Iron Maiden.

Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden 1979/80) said " There were disagreements and arguments and when you're young you make your choices, but I have no regrets. There were other guitarists before me and there have been several others since. When I left in 1980, I joined a band called Lionheart. We signed to CBS and spent four years touring America. Later, in the '90s, I was in a band called Praying Mantis and spent 15 years between the UK and Japan.''

Dennis Stratton currently lives in Saffron Walden, but his love affair with east London in unquestionable. As well as his obvious connections to The Ruskin Arms in Manor Park, where Iron Maiden plied their early trade. Dennis Stratton added "It will be great to do all the old Pink Floyd stuff. I've got a great affiliation with Canning Town and the surrounding areas. I grew up behind the original Bridgehouse venue, Clarence Road, and that place was a life-saver for us as grew up. It was where we learned to play guitar, after all!" Source :


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Joe Satriani's Chickenfoot Update

Superb rock band CHICKENFOOT lined-up by guitar legend Joe Satriani, drummer Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), bassist Michael Anthony and vocalist Sammy Hagar (both are ex-Van Halen) will guest on radio show "Rockline" hosted by Bob Coburn on Wednesday, June 17 at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET. Fans can speak with CHICKENFOOT by calling this number, 1-800-344-ROCK (7625).

Chickenfoot will take the stage for a limited number of North American live shows in May, featuring music from the band's debut album, set for a June 9 release. Playing a series of intimate venues, this initial tour is set to launch on May 14 at the El Corazon in Seattle, Washington. The shows will conclude at TLA in Philadelphia, PA on May 29, with tickets prices throughout averaging $50 per show.

The new album will be released through major retailers and digitally on June 9 and is available for pre-sale through Best Buy at The CD will be made available by earMUSIC in Germany on Friday, June 5 and in the U.K. on Monday. June 8. Chickenfoot" will be packaged in heat-sensitive artwork, which means when you put your hand on the CD inlay, photos of the band members will be revealed behind the CHICKENFOOT band logo! So be sure to grab this amazing album.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Buckethead Released A Real Diamond In The Rough

Buckethead the guitar virtuoso has released his new album, A Real Diamond In The Rough on 1st of May 2009. The album is dedicated to Buckethead's legal representative, Stan Diamond. This album which have 13 tracks of songs has a lot more emotion than other buckethead previous albums and shows that buckethead does not need to shred to be good. This album is also good for fans that are new to buckethead because there are no unusual songs on the album that only hardcore buckethead fans are going to like.

This is his second album this year, he released Slaughterhouse On The Prairie on January 30 this year. A Real Diamond In The Rough is not classed as rock but as avant-garde. This is a must buy album if you are a fanatic fan of Buckethead. Since there are no lyrics there is nothing to say about them except that this album would not be very good with lyrics just like all previous buckethead albums. The tracks are as follow:

1. "Broken Mirror"
2. "Big D's Touch"
3. "Separate Sky"
4. "Dawn Appears"
5. "A Real Diamond in the Rough"
6. "Sundial"
7. "Squid Ink"
8. "Four Rivers"
9. "Allowed to Play"
10. "Formless Present"
11. "Squid Ink Part 2"
12. "The Miracle of Surrender"
13. "The Return of Captain EO"

The album is available at TDRSmusic

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Guitar Master Volume 2

Guitar masters Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Billy Sheehan had been featured in Guitar Master Volume 2. The complete track lists are as follow:


1. Light Up The Sky
by Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan
& Doug Pinnick (Kings X)
2. Flashing Lights
by Jimmy Page & Lord Sutch
3. Jingo by
4. Payin The Cost To Be The Boss
by BB King
5. Baby Done Something Wrong
by Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam)
6. Buck Naked
by Larry McCray
7. Fargo
by Michael Lee Firkens & Neil Zaza
8. Jungle Room Boogie
by Brian Tarquin & Max Middleton
(Jeff Beck)
9. Ricarda
by Hal Lindes (Dire Straits)
10. Parasomnia
by JW Jones Band
11. Towers
by Brian Tarquin & Steve Morse
12. Planet E
by Beat The Bone
13. Gaza
by The Flyin Ryan Brothers
14. Wishes
by Alex De Rosso (Dokken)

More news available at :


KALMAH New Album In Progress

Finnish metal band Kalmah has issued update regarding their upcoming album. They said "We have entered the studio to record our sixh full-length album. During May we will record nine new songs and a couple of covers. Mixing and mastering will take place at the beginning of autumn when the daylight starts to disappear from Northern Finland.

"What's new? Well, I would have to say that all KALMAH elements are strongly present and the band has more strength than ever. And we will very likely use real trumpet, so at least that is something new." A studio diary is available at Here

Kalmah's last album , "For The Revolution", was released in the U.K. in July 2008 via Spinefarm. "For the Revolution" in May 2008 landed at position No. 17 on the Finnish national album chart. This was the band's strongest chart showing to date in Finland. "This album was recorded at Tico Tico studio in Kemi, Finland with producer Ahti Kortelainen and was mastered at the Cutting Room in Sweden.


More Slash's Album Update

More news available on new album, Slash writes on his MySpace page: "By next Monday, we will have nine songs with vocals recorded. It really is a killer record so far and it sonically sounds amazing. We've recorded everything analog and that makes a huge difference in the most positive way. Eric Valentine is the perfect producer to handle all this spontaneous information and energy I've been throwing at him, he is really a one of a kind technician.

"It's hard to explain, but I really needed this creative outlet to do stuff I haven't been at liberty to do in a LONG while. To be honest, I have been having a ridiculously good time working on this project. And the singers have all been genuinely awe-inspiring and a pleasure to work with. They are the focus of what this record ultimately will sound like, regardless of how good the instruments sound. With their input, every session has had its own unique vibe and character and the songs have developed a personality unique to each individual vocalist. Cool stuff."

Unfortunately this record is not going to come out until next year, but it's going to be worth the wait, he promised. Stay tuned for more updates.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Atreyu New Album In Progress

Atreyu once again entered studios to begin work on the highly anticipated follow-up to 2007's "Lead Sails Paper Anchor". They set the target to finish recording the album by June and has demoed 30 songs but plans to cut it down to 16. Good news for metal listener because they stated want to return to their roots, which is heavy hardcore while also continuing to move forward. They added that the songs definitely have a dark and heavier feel.

The band's drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller said "This album will scream as a statement of where we've been, what we've become and where we will go. We think this record will be a huge marker in the life of Atreyu and we can't wait to unveil it."

The band's last album "Lead Sails Paper Anchor" was released succesfully, debuted at No. 8 on Billboard's Top 200, making it both the highest debut and highest-charting album of the band's career. It followed 2006's "A Death-Grip On Yesterday", which entered the chart at No. 9. The album, drew rave reviews from media outlets around the world, including Metal Hammer, who declared it to be "a truly landmark album." Kerrang! gave the record 4 K's and Blender gave it 3 ½ stars and called it "metal that takes you to a magical bygone era." Revolver awarded the album 4 stars and praised it for flowing "beautifully through the speakers" and for being "a coffin-tight collection of singles."


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slash's Album Update

More news available on Slash's new solo album, the album which is still in recording processes puts Slash on hard at work in his studio. Slash revealed on his Myspace that so far he had nailed four killer tracks with four amazing vocals and he claimed that everything will be on track as scheduled. He added " Everybody who has contributed vocals so far have been flawless and the rhythm section, Josh and Chris, are priceless. Its definitely going to be a kick-ass record, if I do say so myself."

In order to explore other styles of music, Slash has been picking and choosing a different lineup for each song thus ensuring a wide range of different styles and musicians will take part in the project. For this purpose, he didn't asked Velvet Revolver's drummer, Matt Sorum to help with his album but choose another lineup for drum position. Matt Sorum replied " "He hasn't asked me. You know he's got Jason Bonham playing on it and Travis Barker and I think he wants to kind of separate himself and do his own thing and that's cool. I mean when he first did Snakepit, I told him years ago that I thought it might be a good idea for him to bring in different singers and do that kind of thing, when we did the first Snakepit album way back when.

In other news, Slash and his Velvet Revolver band mates who are still continue searching for a replacement for vocalist Scott Weiland as they continue to write material in hopes to find the perfect front man soon. Slash also will perform a solo concert at the 2009 Quart Festival on June 30th until July 4th in Kristiansand, Norway. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Marty Friedman New Album

Guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman announced on his website that he finally has finished work on his latest album,"Tokyo Jukebox". This is his 9th album and been produced and arranged by Marty himself, the new disc reflects the chaotic lifestyle of Tokyo, its unique music and his futuristic interpretation of it.

Sonically it goes from his "Loudspeaker" lineup all the way to a 70 piece symphony orchestra. Marty covers the most unlikely artists to get his guitar heavy treatment, including Perfume, Maximum the Hormone, AI, Nakashima Mika, Ikimono Gakari and 7 other staples in the world of current Japanese music.

According to the site, the songs were chosen in part by the readers of "Nikkei Entertainment!", Japan`s all time number one entertainment magazine, which features a popular page on Marty each month for over three years and still going strong.

All the songs go through Marty`s extravagant, epic, and quite often brutally twisted treatment. "Tokyo Jukebox" is the new definitive display of Marty`s current state of mind as well as the deepest evolution of his guitar playing and overall musicality ever.

Release date is May 20th in Japan by AVEX. You can find complete information at his website, here is the link :

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music Used As Torture In US Prison

The long history of music being used as an alternative weapon to break prisoner mental by the U.S. is well known internationally, the U.S. has used loud music against those held in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan. Music is suppose to be enjoyed and not as a weapon to create fear, disorient and prolong capture shock. Detainees now aren't the only ones complaining, musicians are banding together to demand the U.S. military stop using their songs as weapons.

Among artists who made their strong stand regarding this issue is Metallica's drummer, Lars Ulrich. To quote some of his word "If there are people that are dumb enough to use Metallica to interrogate prisoners, you're forgetting about all the music that's to the left of us."

Guitarist Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine has been particularly upset with this manner, "I suggest that they level Guantanamo Bay, but they keep one small cell and they put [former U.S. President George W. Bush] in there ... and they blast some Rage Against the Machine." Hahaha, I agreed with him.

Plenty lost their minds because of it. Imagine you are locked in an overcooled 9-foot-by-9-foot cell that had a speaker with a metal grate over it. Two large speakers stood in the hallway outside and the same music is being blasted into your ears day by day. Obviously a metalhead him/herself will not endure this kind of pains, how about the majority of detainees who grew up in Afghanistan where music was prohibited under Taliban rule? Interrogations by the U.S. forces marked their first exposure to the pounding rhythms, played at top volume. I'm sure if they can commit suicide, they will surely do it.


Lamb Of God Guitarist Is a Race Fan

Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton has always been a huge car enthusiast and even races competitively will be taking part in an NHRA racing event in St. Louis, MO in support of race car driver and metal fan Shawn Langdon. Morton will be there at the starting line for Langdon’s races at the O’Reilly NHRA Midwest Nationals.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Kiko Loureiro released new album, Fullblast

Angra guitarist, Kiko Loureiro revealed in his blog that he had just released his new album, Fullblast. The music samples are available at his new website, , you will find all information about the album and recordings. In his blog, Kiko Loreiro wrote "After the release of two albums that's so different could be considered complementary to, hovered in the air the question: What now? What is the next work of Kiko Loureiro?

The first disc, in Gravity, based on the most aggressive and heavy vein of Kiko, a wild side and more athletic, yet complex, with bands in which the Heavy Metal is melted and mixed with Brazilian music.

Then came Reverse universe, bringing more tracks and a subjective refinement that you can almost feel the tips of fingers. An album made to create a Brazilian and Latin Fusion, putting into use the passion of jazz by Kiko and traditional music of Brazil.

But then what to expect from a musician with his versatility that has passed the night and the day of his range of influences? Which direction to take? What would be the predominant style? What training and what the characteristics of the music staff?

The creative process comes from an artist's subjective expression and uncontrollable, which occurs early in the heart, the brain is filtered and flows into the instrument. The inspiration for a composition should occur without pre-conception. FULLBLAST born in such circumstances. Naturally flowing energy of the heavy rock-and seasoned with the rhythms, sounds and languages Brazil.

The idea of this work is to let people touch on the ambiguity of the music of Kiko, the show is in its pure form or in extreme sides merger. Are in FULLBLAST from a range of guitar and percussion with roots in pure samba, to a range of pure Heavy Metal music that rescues the origins of the guitar at the beginning of Angra.

The primary goal during the composition of the album was to find a language in which these musical worlds find intersection, live in harmony and complement.

The "third side" of the dialectic of musical Kiko Loureiro is a passion for classical music and orchestration that Kiko had yet expressed so scathing soils in their projects but were present in Angra. FULLBLAST brings the result of the challenge to transcend its limitations mixing styles and the most of the information and still maintain cohesion and a particular sound.

Range to Range:
The input I riff reminiscent of my time looking for good music and learn the techniques of Eddie Van Halen. The main themes reflect more what I heard after my first fingering on the guitar, such as Steve Vai and Satriani. The interlude is a jazzista break that occurred in my future studies. The Latin part in 7 / 8 which appears then is pure influence in recent years with the work "Reverse Universe". In this song I have found a way to show my musical history. Headstrong works as a trip to my learning in chronological clearly, however, has been so deliberate. So Headstrong (to head up) follow the life to receive, absorb and evolve.

Know that for some reason, the introduction creates images in my head of Desperado, or those Mexican Zapatistas and clear image of cangaceiros Brazil. So let this reflex snapshot name. This track is a journey of rhythms and textures and heavy Brazilian and always trying to fuse something new for me. The impact this is deliberately to create this sound. I would emphasize the berimbau tune with the guitars creating a new texture within my work. The shades vary constantly, and create different atmospheres. Not only the instrumentation, but the harmony is essential to create layered sound variants. I felt as a mission and a test and get more chance in Brazilian percussion and harmonies.

Cutting Edge
The challenge that lives inside of me always is with these ideas. Melodic and fast, this music is a challenge for me and who plays or at least appreciate the plasticity, stress and emotion that brings the speed.

Excuse Me
Like always work with contrasts in the album, the quick notes with complex harmonies and ballads in a tone higher. Bring peace when I play. The long notes and spaces are great for exploring the expressiveness of the guitar which is actually one of the tools that provide an infinite wealth of expression.
The title of the music and atmosphere is related to feeling disappointed when you someone who likes and respects.

If delivery, Corisco!
Who does not know the phrase of Glauber Rocha's film? "God and the devil on Earth from the sun." The soundtrack, which has provided little known, is one of the masterpieces of Brazilian music scene and is the most striking of our cinema.The music has all the atmosphere of the Brazilian Northeast and in spite of not being one, I can say that I live in São Paulo, the largest city of northeastern Brazil.
Vale said that the sounds of introduction I am talking to a seller of pirated cd off in thirteen in São Paulo. There are several children of Corisco to two real selling CDs.

The Clairvoyance
In an afternoon of rain composed this song. From a small idea I had and that became part of the song Waiting Silence Angra. From the initial idea that created this music.The guitar that is in breach of rustic refinement to any implementation brings a more intuitive, since after all the notes are all "out" of place. So the way that your fingers know no work is lost and the brain, just waiting to sound perception. Clairvoyance is one that sees beyond, a situation almost extra sensory perception ...

Corrosive Voices
There is more representative of the music instrument that Brazilian berimbau.
He introduced the main riff of music, a samba in 7 / 8.
This track also seeking a new perspective to a heavy metal and Brazil.
Several stretches faster with contrasting sounds heavy but with genuine Brazilian rhythms.

This is the oldest track of the album. Had composed the melody at home and part B in a time of waiting before entering the stage for a presentation in Thailand.Another semi-ballad and the pop style, in shades that are always higher. The tradition of Latin music and / or Portuguese influence in that it is often much more melancholy by the fact of being always in lower tones.
The tone makes the music more happy and more hopeful, but not to leave out the root, put the end a long improvisation and Latin in lower tone to not hide the heartache we have within us.

The dialectics and dualism of a melody against a repetitive riff more angry is the concept of this music. Start with one of my predileções, World Music an atmosphere with orquestrações and derbak that encourages a sound more Arabic. Mixing the three things I love to play, guitar, percussion and create orquestrações. This recalls the very Angra, not only by the speed in the battery but the style of Riff and melody.

Green World
Contrasting with the previous track, this is a pure samba. And have always had pride in our music, with its union of complexity and ability to attract anyone, showing the real possibility of coexistence between scholarly and popular. Without Power Chords and many complex chords, this theme shows the extreme other side of my musicality. The title sounds green, but green in the background music comes from being in D major. Sinesthesic motivation for some reason, whenever I hear "green" when I play a D major.

Pura Vida
In Costa Rica greet people with "Pura Vida" a beautiful message that conveys that "life is beautiful." When indicating positive vibrations to the next.This band, based entirely on a Maracatu was the last album. Amid the recordings of the battery, I thought the album was very complex and need a music to breathe more. Something that had not, complicated solos, bateras nerve. Just wanted to appear in color Pura Vida melody, which was simple but vivid color.Composed the idea on a night before returning to the studio for the last day of recordings of battery. We created the loop of the Maracatu and asked Mike to play on and hear the chords. A simple melody with percussion and orquestrações form a good layer to create melodies with great expressiveness.

The It Is, Infinite
Tours, hotel rooms, tour bus, plane and the waiting rooms are very lonely world. So my best friend ends up being the guitar. Time passes without question and it always touches on timeless sense of good ideas and compositions that reflect and pass notes and chords in the moments lived there. I love the sound of the chord with the sixth lowest. The music is full of them, and in different shades.

(The original post was in Portugese, translated using google translate, please tell me if there is any wrong translation)

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