Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Megadeth Canadian Carnage Tour Updates

Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick has issued new tour updates for Canadian Carnage Tour. Three shows have been completed so far, the last show will take place in Winnipeg MB, June 29, 06:40 PM.

In Megadeth Official Website, Chris Broderick announced: "We have played three of the four shows up here in Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary) and so far and the fans have been awesome. Some have been following us from show to show some even flew out from Italy to see us!!! The roster of bands has actually fit very well, I was worried that the diversity would segment the fan base to much but it seems (to me anyway) that there is something that each band brings to the table for everyone to appreciate."

In other news, Megadeth who will release their twelfth studio album, "Endgame" this September has performed a brand new track entitled "Headcrusher" Wednesday, June 24 at the General Motors Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. "Endgame" will be Chris Broderick's first album with Megadeth.

Megadeth and Slayer kicked off the "Canadian Carnage" tour in Canada by playing in front of thousands of people along with Machine Head and Suicide Silence. Check out the Headcrusher video uploaded by Youtuber, RuntRamone. The studio version of the songs also available for listening at this location.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metal Fan

The Jokes Of Metal Fan

Check out more funny pictures at here.


Slash At Quart Festival

Recent update from Slash's Myspace revealed that he will appears at Quart Festival on June 30th, 2009. Slash will take the stage in Kristiansand Norway, backed by an unforgettable lineup of performers, sure to make this year's Quart Festival a once in a lifetime, historic rock event.

For the opening night of the festival, Slash has invited friends and fellow rockers Ozzy Osbourne, acclaimed rock drummer Jason Bonham, John 5, Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, among others, to join him on stage to perform some of music's greatest rock n roll hits: Sweet Child o' Mine, Crazy train and BlackDog, just to name a few. Never again will you be able to see this lineup of people perform such an epic and momentous show.

This is also one of the only shows Slash will be performing this summer, as he has specifically taken time off of recording his new solo album to do Quart Festival. Dont miss the chance to see an outstanding show, one night only, at The 2009 Quart Festival. Check out his pages in Myspace for more info, [Link]

Slash's Official Website : slashonline.com


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dave Mustaine Dean Guitar

Megadeth has announced new contest in their official website. The contest is about their twelfth studio album title, the"Endgame" Lyrics Contest. Winner can win a Dave Mustaine Signature VMNT Dean Guitar.

Objective of the contest is to fill in all the blanks in the structure provided with the words from the word list to make up all the lyrics for the new Megadeth song "Endgame". The one who guesses all the lyrics to the song in the correct order first, wins the grand prize. Words are guessed and given out daily, and a bag of Net Worth Coffee Brokers Dave Mustaine Blend coffee is awarded every day! Interested and wanna test your luck? Check it out in Megadeth Forums at Here.

Meanwhile in other news, as previously mentioned Megadeth and Slayer, the two legendary bands from the U.S will tour Canada this month for Canadian Carnage Tour, the first venue is at Vancouver BC, June 24, 06:40 PM, check the full information about the tour at here.

Megadeth frontman, Dave Mustaine said " We've got our dozen songs that we're gonna be playing for the Canadian Carnage dates. Those dates are supposed to be 60 minutes long for both us and Slayer, so we're gonna have about 12 songs we're gonna be playing. We've cut back a lot of the songs that we've been playing over the years down to just the ones that are probably a little bit more of the fan favorites and not the stuff that's been on the radio. And we've actually been trying to playing "Rattlehead" too, which has been fun. And we have been playing "Headcrusher", so we intend on playing that live for everybody up there in Canada.

"Endgame" the latest of Megadeth twelfth studio album is expected to be released in September through Roadrunner Records. It was recorded at the band’s self-built brand new studio, Vic’s Garage, located near San Diego and named after the legendary and iconic Vic Rattlehead character. Stay tuned for more updates.



Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chickenfoot New "Oh Yeah" Video

Chickenfoot has released new video for "Oh Yeah" track. This is Chickenfoot's first music video for their single "Oh Yeah" off their debut self-titled album. Chickenfoot, the self titled album was sold 49000 copies in the US in its first week of release and cracks the Top 10 position (No. 6) on The Billboard 200 chart.

Check out these four amazing and talented musicians at their live performance, rehearsal footage, and a very special bbq solo section. Pause the video at 0.34, what do you see? Who was that "hot" girl with the camera? Awesome and hilarious video, must see!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alyson Avenue Albums Re-released.

Alyson Avenue members

Alyson Avenue has posted new update in their myspace. The news is about their two re-released albums. Alyson Avenue is a Swedish Classic Rock band from Sweden formed in 1989, the band had released two albums, Presence Of Mind (2000) and Omega (2003), both albums were re-released in 2009. Former vocalist is Anette Olzon, who later joined the Finnish Metaller, Nightwish in 2007.

Alyson Avenue wrote '' The re-release Presence Of Mind compilation is a copy of the initial album released in 2000. The new "Omega" compilation is a totally reworked album where a lot of tracks has been re-recorded to better be in line with how the band wants the album to sound like compared to the original 2004 release of Omega. The new "Omega" compilation also has added material in the form of 5 demo songs that did not make it in to the original release for different reasons.

You can find the albums here:

Arabella Vitanc, the new Alyson Avenue vocalist.

Guest who? Anette Olzon of course.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Steve Vai At National Guitar Workshop

Steve Vai will be making an appearance at National Guitar Workshop's Rock Summit on July 20. This will be Steve’s first time appearing at the main National Guitar Workshop campus, he will discuss his guitar techniques and take part in question and answer session.

Steve Vai who is in the middle of tour to support his highly acclaimed Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class will tour Europe this June and please note that his appearance at NGW is not an Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class.

The National Guitar Workshop is also generously offering Steve's fans a special discount on tuition for NGW: Simply visit their website or call 800-234-6479 and quote the code: VAI062609. This will entitle a discount of $100 of tuition. Valid from 6/5/09 and ends: 6/26/09. This special offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Only valid for students not currently registered with NGW.

Steve Vai's European Tour Dates

June 18: Lisbon, PORTUGAL - Tickets
June 19: Madrid, SPAIN - Tickets
June 20: Tiel, NETHERLANDS - Tickets
June 21: Roermond, NETHERLANDS - Tickets
June 23: Aarburg, SWITZERLAND - Tickets
June 27: Neustadt A.d. Aisch, GERMANY - Tickets

Visit Steve Vai's Official Website for more news.


Monday, June 8, 2009


Do you need soundtracks for your projects? If yes, you should checkout Audiobank.fm, this amazing site has tons of quality musics and sound effects that suits your need. Audiobank.fm offers wide range of sounds, how about rock and metal? Yes of course, they are also available. Whoever you are and whatever your need is, you can always find it there. The great thing about this site is, they do provide samples and you buy the tracks exactly the same as what you have heard before, except for the preview voices.

If purchase is made, you will get an access to all file formats of the bought item which are WAV, FLAC, OGG and MP3. All of them are downloadable and you can decide later what formats you would like to use. Good news, the soundtracks are royalty free, you can use them as many times as you want. If you are a composer and want to sell your works at Audiobank.fm, you can do so and by doing it, you can earn up to 50% on the sales of your soundtracks. Guys, you should really have to check the site, highly recommended.

You can visit the site at these links:
Royalty Free Music
Royalty Free Music (Youtube)
Reason Drum Kits


Slash's mother dies

Slash's mother, Ola Hudson

Slash's mother, Ola Hudson has passed away Friday, June 5 after a battle with lung cancer. Ola Hudson is an African American women and worked as a costume designer for many other actors and musicians like David Bowie "Man Who Fell to Earth" getup, John Lennon and Diana Ross.

Slash the former guitarist for Guns N Roses and the current Velvet Revolvers was raised in the city of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, until the age of 11, when his parents relocated the family to Los Angeles, California. His parents separated and he lived primarily with his mother, Ola Hudson. "My mom tried to keep me in school, but I quit in eleventh grade and soon after was living with the Guns N' Roses guys," he says. Still his mom supported his musical ambitions.

Ola Hudson once said "When Guns N' Roses started playing, we'd have to sneak Slash into clubs because he was underage". "One time they were playing the Troubadour in L.A., and we dressed him up as a woman to get him in." When asked to be photographed with his parents, Slash choose a now- vacant lot in West Hollywood, where the family shared a one bedroom apartment in 1975."It was the happiest place we ever lived," says Tony, Slash's father. "There was lots of love around." "We made the closet my bed-room," says Slash.

Big sincere condolences for Slash, his mother probably not that old, cancer sucks. It must be a very hard moment for Slash who is in a middle of completing his new album and yet has to loss his precious person at the same time.

- R. I. P Ola Hudson -

28 Jul 2007, Los Angeles, California, USA --- Slash and his mother Ola Hudson backstage at the 20 year anniversary of Guns N' Roses "Appetite for Destruction" with Adler's Appetite and LA Guns at the Key Club in Hollywood.

More pictures:

Slash with her mother

Slash with his dad and mom.

Classic Ola Hudson, 1970.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Kiko Loureiro Talks About Neural Code


Kiko Loureiro the amazing guitarist for the band Angra, the Brazilian metaller who released his latest album Neural Code recently, has posted new entry in his official blog. The blog originally was written in Portuguese and has been translated to English. It is not that accurate and reading the contents can be very confusing for some people. In his blog, Kiko Loureiro wrote :

Guitar Player - another post

This is post that it left edition board of the Guitar Player.
As fiance', always I place here in net the text that leaves in the magazine.

This is on the Neural Code and artistic ways.
Abraços KIKO

The perpetual search of a diverse and challenging musical way has to be inside of each one of us. The musician must inside balance of itself disturbing a beneficial arrogance leaves that safe to show it to its art and the constant doubt and of that this really condiz art with its personal yearnings. When this balance meets and they recognize it to the people and they approve, the satisfaction is full. One rewards for as much devotion to music. However, this sensation nor always is lasting and infinite.

Therefore, the search of diverse artistic ways must be always in first plan for a sincere musician with itself exactly and strong artistic desires. It was this search that Cuca Teixeira, Thiago Espirito Santo and I made in the writing of our new work, Neural Code.
Research, intermeshing, experimentation, diversion, mixtures, synergy, plethora of musical information. We place in eight bands our neural code, that is, our DNA brain-musical comedy. We look the satisfaction with what we have of safer in each one and with what we could search of more challenging - formulas of compass, styles, textures, timbres, rhythms, harmonias and melodies that had appeared by means of this cerebral intersecção of three people who possess a diverse musical description.

We weekly found in them without preconceived ideas e, from improvisation moments and jams, the subjects took form. To each day, to each assay, a music was born of natural and satisfactory form for a three - composition with instantaneous approval and the participation of all. In this form of creation, the ego is of is of the studio and the contribution is basic.
In mine workshops, is recurrent the question on composition. Of where appears the idea? How to create a music? Melody or first harmony? E for goes there… To compose is one practical one. As well as we have the concern with the technique study - we are hours and hours training scales, arpejos, tapping, on etc. -, the ability to also compose is born for intermediary of the daily exercise. From a simple idea - what can be a small melody or two chords with which you if still identify or one led interesting one -, as to have the creativity and the control to leave this point of origin and to produce a part with innumerable parts? A thought leads to another one. An initial climate sediments a concept that serves of guide for an entire music.

It is basic to reserve a time of its study for the creation of that he is entirely proper. It starts for something simple and it develops it. If not to like resulted it, faces as an exercise and repeats the procedure. With certainty, good ideas will appear. To know more on the new COMPACT DISC that I recorded Cuca Teixeira and Thiago Espirito Santo together with, it visits www.myspace.com/neuralcode.

You can view the original post at :
Kiko Loureiro Official Blog (Portugese)

See also :
Kiko Loureiro Official Blog (English)
Kiko Loureiro Official Website


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Michael Anthony Never Quit Van Halen

Michael Anthony never quit Van Halen. He who was interviewed by Musicradar.com yesterday claims that he actually never quit the band. This is just opposite of what has been told earlier by Van Halen frontman, Eddie Van Halen who has claimed that Michael Anthony has quit the band along with vocalist Sammy Hagar. Regarding the two different statements, MusicRadar has contacted Van Halen's management for a response and are currently awaiting a reply.

"I never quit Van Halen," says bassist Michael Anthony, who is now part of the supergroup Chickenfoot . "No way. And the funny thing is, I don't even know why the subject is coming up anymore." "I'm too busy doing my own thing," Van Halen said, who then, completely unprovoked, went into this tirade: "The funny thing is that everyone who quits the band always claims they got fired by me. Hey, I'm not the bad guy here.

"When Hagar left the band, Mike went with him," Van Halen continued. "Then when we get back together with Dave, and all of a sudden, he wants back in. It's like, 'No, dude, you quit the band.' So my son became the bass player. But we didn't give Mike the boot to have my son play."

Michael Anthony, speaking exclusively to MusicRadar, disputes Van Halen's assertions. "Why would I have quit Van Halen? It never happened. And what's weird is, he was being asked about Chickenfoot, whether he had heard us or not, and suddenly he launches into this thing about me quitting the group. What does one thing even have to do with the other?"

Anthony, who says he had to take a pay cut and sign away his rights to the Van Halen name and logo to take part in the 2004 tour the group did with Sammy Hagar, admits that he was stunned to find himself out of the band when they announced their 2007 reunion tour with singer David Lee Roth - an arena run that saw Eddie's son, Wolfgang, on bass.

"I found out about that tour like everybody else did - in the press," says Anthony. "I had no idea. At that point, I kind of sighed and went, 'Whatever. If this is what Eddie wants to do, he's going to do what he wants to do.' If he wants me out of the band and for Wolfgang to play bass, what was I going to do about it?

Even so, the bassist wants to make one thing clear: "I never 'quit.' I never once said, 'I'm out of here.' It never happened. That's the weird thing right now, for Eddie to be trying to paint himself as 'not the bad guy.'

"You know, it's weird to be talking about all of this right now," he continues, "because I'm in such a good place with Chickenfoot. The album we made, the shows we're doing, everything we're all about - we're having a blast. And the fans are digging it and they're responding."

"Eddie says he hasn't heard Chickenfoot, and I believe him, because it's true, he doesn't really listen to anything," says Anthony. "But instead of trying to rewrite the past and talk shit or whatever, he should see what we're doing and go into his studio and make some music. Make music, have some fun. Don't just talk - do!

"Ultimately, all's well that ends well," he says. "I just find it odd that I'm put into a situation where I'm forced to defend myself. Everything is great in my world and I couldn't be happier with the group I'm in. But I don't want people to think I quit Van Halen, because I didn't. It never happened."

Original post by Musicradar.com


Children Of Bodom South American Tour

Children Of Bodom, COB will touring South American this September. This is the first time Children Of Bodom touring South America since five years ago. This great Finnish metaller will be supported by Amorphis, who have just released their brilliant Skyforger album.

Updates from Children Of Bodom Official Website reveals four tours date at four different countries, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico. The tour dates are as follows:

September 08 2009- Teatro Flores, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
September 10 2009- Teatro Teleton, Santiago de Chile (Chile)
September 12 2009- Via Funchal, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
September 15 2009- Circo Volador, Mexico City (Mexico)
September 16 2009- Arena Santa Lucia/Festival, Monterrey (Mexico)

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Check out more news at here : Children Of Bodom Official Website.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Michael Anthony Quit Van Halen

Pictures : Michael Anthony and Eddie Van Halen

Michael Anthony Quit Van Halen. The news was revealed when Van Halen spoke exclusively to RollingStone.com recently. Michael Anthony, the bassist for legendary band Van Halen has formed new supergroup band called Chickenfoot along with Joe Satriani, Chad Smith and Sammy Hagar. Eddie Van Halen said he never heard Chickenfoot before and didn't know what a "supergroup" means.

The interview is quite funny when Eddie Van Halen who received the Guitar God Award said : " If I'm a guitar god, then my son would be Jesus, right? That means on the next tour,
he'd have to walk on water ".

Here is the interview:

Have you heard Chickenfoot?
No, I haven't.

No particular interest?
Well, I don't listen to anything really, for one.

You make your own music?
Yeah, I'm too busy doing my own thing. I wish them well. The funny thing is that everyone who quits the band always claims they got fired by me. Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. When Hagar left the band, Mike went with him. Then when we get back together with Dave, and all of a sudden, he wants back in. It's like, "No, dude, you quit the band." So my son became the bass player. But we didn't give Mike the boot to have my son play. He was around. We didn't have a bass player. "Hey Wolfie, you want to play?"

It must be pretty mind-blowing to play with your kid.
He was only 15 years old. "You want to play bass?" "Sure." We did not have a bass player. That's the only thing really that bothers me about people acting like I'm the bad guy. I just sit in the studio and write music. I'm not some tyrant. I've got no beef with anybody. I wish them well. I hope they are ... I don't know what a "supergroup" means, but I hope they accomplish what they're setting out to do.

There was a time when people were writing the guitar off. What do you think of the fact that kids are playing guitar in all these games and guitar is being rediscovered by a new generation?
When was guitar written off?

Well, first there was the time when the synthesizer era...
Guitar is one thing you can't synthesize.

View the rest of the interview at here.


Anette Olzon Blog

Nightwish vocalist, Anette Olzon has launched her official blog recently, I'm a bit late discovering this amazing blog, there are already 179 persons following the blog as on 1 June 2009. It is very exciting to know Anette Olzon's life outside her roles as a Nightwish vocalist. If you are a fan of Nightwish and Anette Olzon, subscribing her blog is a must.

Latest update from her blog reveals that Anette Olzon will be performing at a concert that is included in a big festival in Stockholm, Sweden in August. It is on August 13 and the evening is in the theme of Sweden-Finland and it´s called Suomi Safari. There will be a big symphonic orchestra, choir and more solists that has something to do with Finland. Check out her blog for more news at here : Anette Olzon Official blog.

Anette Olzon in two different images

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Cool Site From Finland


Monday, June 1, 2009

Arabella Vitanc Replaced Anette Olzon

Pictures : Arabella Vitanc and Anette Olzon

Arabella Vitanc has replaced Anette Olzon's position as a singer in Alyson Avenue. Alyson Avenue is a Swedish Classic Rock band which Anette Olzon was a lead vocalist before she joined Nightwish in 2007. After Arabella Vitanc joining in, Alyson Avenue has been completed with a fifth member .

At the band's Official Website, Arabella Vitanc has been described as a hidden Swedish jewel, is the vocalist who will join Alyson Avenue on lead vocals. Her voice will not only do justice to the old Alyson Avenue material but she will also be key in the development of the new and upcoming songs they are currently busy working on.

Alyson Avenue was formed in 1989, the band had released two albums so far, Presence Of Mind (2000) and Omega (2003), both albums were re-released in 2009. In 2007 Anette became a member of Nightwish. Amazing news about an amazing girl. Alyson Avenue is truly happy, proud and thrilled about it.

In 2008 the remaining members decided to continue with Alyson Avenue, and they started the search for a new vocalist. In 2009 Arabella Vitanc joined the band. The first result of this new collaboration was the song Somewhere. The demo track can be streamed and downloaded at this location. Visit their website for further info. [link]

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