Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who is FunTwo?

The online alias funtwo, ( real name is Lim Jeong-hyun), is a South Korean amateur guitarist known for his cover of the song Canon Rock, which the originally arranged by JerryC. He started gaining his porpularity when the YouTuber with the alias "guitar90" upload his video into You Tube where it became a sensation. When this blog is written, a total of 429336 voters voted the video as 5 stars!

He played and recorded his cover of Canon Rock during 2005. He uploaded his video onto the popular Korean music site called It was then uploaded to YouTube by a viewer nicknamed "guitar90", under the title guitar. People started asking question, who exactly was beneath the cap.

Lim expressed that he has no intention to play guitar professionaly. However he can consider himself lucky because he had jammed with the absolute guitar god,the ultimate Joe Satriani. Online fame has allowed him to play to live audiences several time and the one that he played with Satriani was in 2008, the 22nd of November at the YouTube Live.Many negative comments came out after the show,Lim was blammed for being sucks,not be able to play clean and hit the correct notes,a lot of extra shitty sound, bla..bla..bla. Well, as mentioned earlier,Lim is just an amatuer guitarist and we can't compare him with Satriani, who had tought many great gitarist such as Steve Vai and Kirk Hammet(Metallica).And believe me, he plays 100 times better compare to those blammers.Think before you talk! That's the lesson dude!

Lim's other guitar videos such as, 'Dream Theater's Overture 1928', ' Vivaldi Four Seasons', 'Summer'. 'Carol-funtwo is coming to town', 'Mission-Main Theme', 'I'm Alright','Triptych (Daita of Siam Shade)','Zenith (Daita)', 'Bumble', 'Mule Jam Project' and 'Happy Birthday to You' also got higher rating. All of these can be viewed on YouTube.

He is surely an amazing guy.Keep it up funtwo!!!

Canon Rock by FunTwo.



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