Sunday, March 1, 2009

Michael Romeo

Michael Romeo
Romeo during a Symphony X concert at Toronto, Ontario, Canada on July 18, 2007
Romeo 0n July 18, 2007
Background information
Birth name Michael James Romeo
Born March 6, 1968 (1968-03-06) (age 41)
New York, NY U.S.
Genre(s) Progressive metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Years active 1994 - present
Associated acts Symphony X
Notable instrument(s)
Caparison Dellinger II - Michael Romeo Custom
ESP M-II Deluxe

This incredible heavy metal American guitarist is my favorite guitarist among others. He is the lead guitarist for Symphony X. Michael Romeo's introduction to formal music training began with piano lessons when he was 10 years old.But he switched to guitar at the tender age of 14. At the age of 19, Michael was one of the finalists of the nation-wide "Sam Ash Music Store" guitar contest.

I was introduced to Romeo composition by friend back in 2007. I only listened one of his song (Song entitled Sea Of Lies if I'm not forgotten) and quickly became his fan. His composition sound a bit like Yngwie Malmsteen. This is ordinary because if we follow his early history, Malmsteen is one of his influences. He is an incredibly accomplished player drawing on a neo-classical style reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen while retaining his own identifiable signature that sets him apart from other players in this genre.

His works on the Symhony X latest album is the best among the best. This album consists a lots of heavy riff and insane guitar techniques difficulties. The guitar techniques He developed show that he had practiced very hard, so many hours were involved and the final product is really awesome. If you don't know him and never heard of his composition, I think you should, especially if you are a metal lover.

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