Sunday, March 15, 2009

Roope Latvala

Roope Latvala
Roope playing with Stone in 2008.
Roope playing with Stone in 2008.
Background information
Birth name Roope Latvala
Born June 25, 1970 (1970-06-25) (age 39)
Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genre(s) Melodic death metal
Thrash metal
Heavy metal
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Years active 1985 - Present

He is a current member of Children Of Bodom and Sinergy. He joined Children Of Bodom in 2003 when Alexander Kuoppala decided to quit the band. He was the first Finnish guitarist that had received high recognitions in Finland. At the very young age of 15 he founded Stone, the most notable band in Finnish metal scenes. In the beginning, Stone's music styles were more like traditional metal sound, but as time goes on, they slowly shifted to a faster and more aggressive sound, which was the key for them to receive mass recognition.The band had produced four studio albums, one live album and one compilation album. When the band was disbanded in 1993, Roople continued his music work as a solo artist. He also played with several local band like Dementia, Waltari and Latvala Bros. During the whole of his career, Roope had many side projects and played as a guest musician, the most notable of the being: Warmen (Side project by Children Of Bodom keyboardist, Janne Warmen), Nomicon, Pornonorsu, Jailbreakers, Gloomy Grim, Amon Amarth, and Soulgrind. At times he also composed movie soundtracks.
The band Children Of Bodom had a very difficult time in 2003, one of their member Alexander Kuoppala took a shocking action to quit the band in the middle of their tour. Alexi Laiho and other band members forced to find a new guitarist, they tried to recruit several guitarist to play with them as a session line up but failed. Roople decided to give a hand as a session member and immediately agreed and acepted by Alexi. Both of then already know each other from the side project, Synergy that they've joined and played together. Roope got a very limited amount of time to learn all 20 songs to be played alive for the band tour but in the end manage to play all of them successfully. Despite been anounced only as a session player, Roople remained with the band and became a permanent member.
Together with other members, he recorded "Trashed, Lost & Strungout EP, "Are You Dead Yet? LP" and the most recent is "Bloodrunk". For those who haven't listen to it yet, I strongly suggest you should do it.

Children Of Bodom just updated their website.The features are really great especially the changing pictures of the members at the left top of the site. You should check it out.


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