Friday, June 5, 2009

Kiko Loureiro Talks About Neural Code


Kiko Loureiro the amazing guitarist for the band Angra, the Brazilian metaller who released his latest album Neural Code recently, has posted new entry in his official blog. The blog originally was written in Portuguese and has been translated to English. It is not that accurate and reading the contents can be very confusing for some people. In his blog, Kiko Loureiro wrote :

Guitar Player - another post

This is post that it left edition board of the Guitar Player.
As fiance', always I place here in net the text that leaves in the magazine.

This is on the Neural Code and artistic ways.
Abraços KIKO

The perpetual search of a diverse and challenging musical way has to be inside of each one of us. The musician must inside balance of itself disturbing a beneficial arrogance leaves that safe to show it to its art and the constant doubt and of that this really condiz art with its personal yearnings. When this balance meets and they recognize it to the people and they approve, the satisfaction is full. One rewards for as much devotion to music. However, this sensation nor always is lasting and infinite.

Therefore, the search of diverse artistic ways must be always in first plan for a sincere musician with itself exactly and strong artistic desires. It was this search that Cuca Teixeira, Thiago Espirito Santo and I made in the writing of our new work, Neural Code.
Research, intermeshing, experimentation, diversion, mixtures, synergy, plethora of musical information. We place in eight bands our neural code, that is, our DNA brain-musical comedy. We look the satisfaction with what we have of safer in each one and with what we could search of more challenging - formulas of compass, styles, textures, timbres, rhythms, harmonias and melodies that had appeared by means of this cerebral intersecção of three people who possess a diverse musical description.

We weekly found in them without preconceived ideas e, from improvisation moments and jams, the subjects took form. To each day, to each assay, a music was born of natural and satisfactory form for a three - composition with instantaneous approval and the participation of all. In this form of creation, the ego is of is of the studio and the contribution is basic.
In mine workshops, is recurrent the question on composition. Of where appears the idea? How to create a music? Melody or first harmony? E for goes there… To compose is one practical one. As well as we have the concern with the technique study - we are hours and hours training scales, arpejos, tapping, on etc. -, the ability to also compose is born for intermediary of the daily exercise. From a simple idea - what can be a small melody or two chords with which you if still identify or one led interesting one -, as to have the creativity and the control to leave this point of origin and to produce a part with innumerable parts? A thought leads to another one. An initial climate sediments a concept that serves of guide for an entire music.

It is basic to reserve a time of its study for the creation of that he is entirely proper. It starts for something simple and it develops it. If not to like resulted it, faces as an exercise and repeats the procedure. With certainty, good ideas will appear. To know more on the new COMPACT DISC that I recorded Cuca Teixeira and Thiago Espirito Santo together with, it visits

You can view the original post at :
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