Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Deep Purple The Real Highway Star For 40 Years.

British legendary band Deep Purple already exists for 40 Years and still rocking. What a great achievement. The band's popular songs like "Smoke On The Water" and "Highway Star" had been written and composed long time ago back in the 60's?/70's but still got high popularity and being listened by many of the younger generations.

Recent interview conducted by expressandstar.com reveals that Deep Purple didn't shows any sign to quit from the music industries, in fact I believe they never know the word of "retirement" in their life. Ian Gillan the frontman of Deep Purple for 40 years said they’ll be in full writing mode around February.

“I take that a bit badly,” Ian says. “I mean, we’ve always been doing this. Live music is what we do – make new songs that we include in the act every now and again.”

“No-one’s done any writing yet,” says Ian. “I’ve got about 50 songs in my library at the moment, but they’re not for Deep Purple.”

Rapture of the Deep was the band’s last studio album, released in November 2005, and fans have been hoping for something new in 2010.

Complete news at here.


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