Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Megadeth Posts New Album Update

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has checked in with an update on the bands forthcoming new album which is expected to be released by September. It reads as follows: "Droogies!

"This week has been fantastic! Andy Sneap is back at the helm in Vic’s Garage and it is such a natural thing to see Andy here with me, that I am thinking of trying to find him an American super-model that will marry him and spend the rest of their lives in San Diego make records for me and making whoppee for Android!

"Seriously though, I love working with Andy. I have had some greats over the years, and Andy is one of them. We have been making some serious soulful and aggressive vocal performances.

"Now, Let me tell you about Chris Broderick’s soloing!

"This guy is like Tony Montana. I have never ever heard a guitar player this good. Sorry Marty, I try to keep you in the fans memory, but they are going to have a hard time once they hear Chris. I mean we all worked hard to get Chris to where he is right now, but nothing that I could have done, and I mean very little, if not zero was contributed by me. Chris is a genius, a virtuoso, a master, and I am the proudest I have ever been in my musical life right now.

"Even Justis said, “He stomps Marty Friedman dad.” What a blessing to have such a cool son!!!

"I have to get going, I have a crazy day today again. I need to finish the song I was singing yesterday called, "This Day We Fight." This was influenced by the Lord of the Rings. I am also in the middle of finishing up a lyric this morning called tentatively, 'How The Movie Ends'. We’ll see if the title sticks by the time the disc is finished.

"Have a great day, I hope you have had a terrific Easter break so far, and I really want to thank everyone here that calls me over at I feel so close to you hearing your messages, and don’t be shy, it’s free, so you can call me as much as you want.

"Well, I have to go wash the metal shavings out of my hair from Chris’ shredding it up last night.

"Mustaine sez, Goodbye Droogies!"



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