Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paul Gilbert's Italian Clinic Tour

ITALIAN CLINIC TOUR (New clinic added on 4/12!)

In his website, Paul Gilbert wrote "I am very excited to come back to Italy with my guitar and play my best for you."

Here are the dates, cities, venues, and websites for more information:

4/5 PISA - Borderline - www.myspace.com/borderlineclub
4/6 MILANO - Accademia Del Suono - www.accademiadelsuono.it
4/7 LATINA - Teatro Tirreno - 0773-660530 www.myspace.com/obiettivomusica
4/8 COSENZA - Venue TBA - 328-7355199 www.myspace.com/pinociappetta76
4/9 ROCCAFORZATA(TA) - Go West Saloon - www.myspace.com/gowestsaloon
4/10 CASERTA - Oddly Shed - www.myspace.com/mannaciro
4/11 MONTEGRANARO(AP) - VENUE CHANGE: Auditorium Giusti - S. Elpidio A Mare - 338-5386120 www.myspace.com/mmimontegranaro
4/12 PESCARA - Rockhouse Club - www.myspace.com/rockhouseclubpescara
4/13 CASTELNUOVO D'ASOLA(MN) - The Piper - info.mmi-mantova@libero.it
4/14 MONTEBELLUNA(TV) - Essemusic - www.essemusic.it
4/15 TRIESTE - Scuola Di Musica 55 - www.scuoladimusica55.it
4/16 BOLOGNA - Music Academy 2000 - www.musicacademyitaly.it/bologna
4/17 ARCOLE (VERONA) - Stonehenge - www.myspace.com/stonehengelivepub


Nagashiko April 26, 2009 at 8:46 AM  

I love Paul Gilbert. I even had a video tutorial of his. My band even covered his version of 2 become 1 coz it's sexeh... Rock on! XD

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