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Metalasia is a Progressive Heavy Metal band from Malaysia formed in 1997. The current line-up consist of King Shah and Ritz(Tawau) as Guitarists, Sam Maya on drum, Zen as a bassist and Muix as a vocalist (Past member - CD Khanzab - Vocals, Guitars). They took Malay epic/nature/life as their lyrical theme, which is considered rare in Malaysia and this is why they are much different from other metal bands found in Malaysia. The higher technical difficulties of guitar riffs has made them known as the best metal band ever produced by Malaysian. If you listen carefully to the guitar melody, you'll actually find the sound has a similiarities to the U.S legendary band called Cacophony (Line-up are double lead guitar Gods, Marty Friedman and Jason Becker).

They have produced two albums and one live CD so far. The very first album was produced back in 1997, entitled Khalifah Alam Maya. Second album is Silantra...Bermulanya Sebuah Epik, published in 2002 and their live CD's, Live at Metal Wars were produced in 1999.

Metalasia were one of the bands who were nominated for "Best Hard Rock Album" in the Malaysian Music Industry Awards. Also, they were one of a few Malaysian Thrash Metal bands who ever toured to Japan and Korea. They also had coperated with Malaysian popqueen Ning Baizura to record a song called Puspasari Penawar Puteri.

1. Banzai 3.39
2. Insaf Manusia Berdosa 3.24
3. Khalifah Alam Maya 6.04
4. Kuda Padiku Mengamuk Dengar Lagu Metal 2.19
5. Kamikaze 3.04
6. Ikhtilaf 2.06
7. Dimensi IV 4.44
8. Bencana 3.21
9. Aniaya 2.53
10. Lumba Maut 3.55
11. Inspirasi 1.27

1. Awallulkalam
2. Sarangan Katari
3. Bab 1: Silantra
4. Bab 2: Mimpi & Alamat
5. Bab 3: Istana Api
6. Bab 4: Bahtera Puaka
7. Bab 5: Puteri Natya Shastra
8. Interlude / Bab 6: Bisikan Puteri
9. Bab 7: Senjata Sakti
Tujuh Gunungan
10. Bab 8: Naga Sakti
11. Bab 9: Tangisan Shastra
12. Bab 10: Senja Merah Di
Kota Larangan

1. Baker (Intro) / Banzai 4.50
2. Lumba Maut 4.04
3. Aniaya / Dimensi IV 3.51
4. Kamikaze 2.51
5. Bencana 3.04
6. Hangkatahangtera 3.17
7. Balada Pemuzik Jatanan 3.49
8. Insat Manusia Berdosa 3.54
9. Khatitah Atam Maya 5.37
10. Ikhtitat 2.38


sOx April 15, 2009 at 6:31 AM  

Greatest Asian Metal Band!!!
I think their riffing is a lot of Dream Theater/Rush influences..
but sadly i heard no more from them, they probably quit...

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