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Kiko Loureiro released new album, Fullblast

Angra guitarist, Kiko Loureiro revealed in his blog that he had just released his new album, Fullblast. The music samples are available at his new website, , you will find all information about the album and recordings. In his blog, Kiko Loreiro wrote "After the release of two albums that's so different could be considered complementary to, hovered in the air the question: What now? What is the next work of Kiko Loureiro?

The first disc, in Gravity, based on the most aggressive and heavy vein of Kiko, a wild side and more athletic, yet complex, with bands in which the Heavy Metal is melted and mixed with Brazilian music.

Then came Reverse universe, bringing more tracks and a subjective refinement that you can almost feel the tips of fingers. An album made to create a Brazilian and Latin Fusion, putting into use the passion of jazz by Kiko and traditional music of Brazil.

But then what to expect from a musician with his versatility that has passed the night and the day of his range of influences? Which direction to take? What would be the predominant style? What training and what the characteristics of the music staff?

The creative process comes from an artist's subjective expression and uncontrollable, which occurs early in the heart, the brain is filtered and flows into the instrument. The inspiration for a composition should occur without pre-conception. FULLBLAST born in such circumstances. Naturally flowing energy of the heavy rock-and seasoned with the rhythms, sounds and languages Brazil.

The idea of this work is to let people touch on the ambiguity of the music of Kiko, the show is in its pure form or in extreme sides merger. Are in FULLBLAST from a range of guitar and percussion with roots in pure samba, to a range of pure Heavy Metal music that rescues the origins of the guitar at the beginning of Angra.

The primary goal during the composition of the album was to find a language in which these musical worlds find intersection, live in harmony and complement.

The "third side" of the dialectic of musical Kiko Loureiro is a passion for classical music and orchestration that Kiko had yet expressed so scathing soils in their projects but were present in Angra. FULLBLAST brings the result of the challenge to transcend its limitations mixing styles and the most of the information and still maintain cohesion and a particular sound.

Range to Range:
The input I riff reminiscent of my time looking for good music and learn the techniques of Eddie Van Halen. The main themes reflect more what I heard after my first fingering on the guitar, such as Steve Vai and Satriani. The interlude is a jazzista break that occurred in my future studies. The Latin part in 7 / 8 which appears then is pure influence in recent years with the work "Reverse Universe". In this song I have found a way to show my musical history. Headstrong works as a trip to my learning in chronological clearly, however, has been so deliberate. So Headstrong (to head up) follow the life to receive, absorb and evolve.

Know that for some reason, the introduction creates images in my head of Desperado, or those Mexican Zapatistas and clear image of cangaceiros Brazil. So let this reflex snapshot name. This track is a journey of rhythms and textures and heavy Brazilian and always trying to fuse something new for me. The impact this is deliberately to create this sound. I would emphasize the berimbau tune with the guitars creating a new texture within my work. The shades vary constantly, and create different atmospheres. Not only the instrumentation, but the harmony is essential to create layered sound variants. I felt as a mission and a test and get more chance in Brazilian percussion and harmonies.

Cutting Edge
The challenge that lives inside of me always is with these ideas. Melodic and fast, this music is a challenge for me and who plays or at least appreciate the plasticity, stress and emotion that brings the speed.

Excuse Me
Like always work with contrasts in the album, the quick notes with complex harmonies and ballads in a tone higher. Bring peace when I play. The long notes and spaces are great for exploring the expressiveness of the guitar which is actually one of the tools that provide an infinite wealth of expression.
The title of the music and atmosphere is related to feeling disappointed when you someone who likes and respects.

If delivery, Corisco!
Who does not know the phrase of Glauber Rocha's film? "God and the devil on Earth from the sun." The soundtrack, which has provided little known, is one of the masterpieces of Brazilian music scene and is the most striking of our cinema.The music has all the atmosphere of the Brazilian Northeast and in spite of not being one, I can say that I live in São Paulo, the largest city of northeastern Brazil.
Vale said that the sounds of introduction I am talking to a seller of pirated cd off in thirteen in São Paulo. There are several children of Corisco to two real selling CDs.

The Clairvoyance
In an afternoon of rain composed this song. From a small idea I had and that became part of the song Waiting Silence Angra. From the initial idea that created this music.The guitar that is in breach of rustic refinement to any implementation brings a more intuitive, since after all the notes are all "out" of place. So the way that your fingers know no work is lost and the brain, just waiting to sound perception. Clairvoyance is one that sees beyond, a situation almost extra sensory perception ...

Corrosive Voices
There is more representative of the music instrument that Brazilian berimbau.
He introduced the main riff of music, a samba in 7 / 8.
This track also seeking a new perspective to a heavy metal and Brazil.
Several stretches faster with contrasting sounds heavy but with genuine Brazilian rhythms.

This is the oldest track of the album. Had composed the melody at home and part B in a time of waiting before entering the stage for a presentation in Thailand.Another semi-ballad and the pop style, in shades that are always higher. The tradition of Latin music and / or Portuguese influence in that it is often much more melancholy by the fact of being always in lower tones.
The tone makes the music more happy and more hopeful, but not to leave out the root, put the end a long improvisation and Latin in lower tone to not hide the heartache we have within us.

The dialectics and dualism of a melody against a repetitive riff more angry is the concept of this music. Start with one of my predileções, World Music an atmosphere with orquestrações and derbak that encourages a sound more Arabic. Mixing the three things I love to play, guitar, percussion and create orquestrações. This recalls the very Angra, not only by the speed in the battery but the style of Riff and melody.

Green World
Contrasting with the previous track, this is a pure samba. And have always had pride in our music, with its union of complexity and ability to attract anyone, showing the real possibility of coexistence between scholarly and popular. Without Power Chords and many complex chords, this theme shows the extreme other side of my musicality. The title sounds green, but green in the background music comes from being in D major. Sinesthesic motivation for some reason, whenever I hear "green" when I play a D major.

Pura Vida
In Costa Rica greet people with "Pura Vida" a beautiful message that conveys that "life is beautiful." When indicating positive vibrations to the next.This band, based entirely on a Maracatu was the last album. Amid the recordings of the battery, I thought the album was very complex and need a music to breathe more. Something that had not, complicated solos, bateras nerve. Just wanted to appear in color Pura Vida melody, which was simple but vivid color.Composed the idea on a night before returning to the studio for the last day of recordings of battery. We created the loop of the Maracatu and asked Mike to play on and hear the chords. A simple melody with percussion and orquestrações form a good layer to create melodies with great expressiveness.

The It Is, Infinite
Tours, hotel rooms, tour bus, plane and the waiting rooms are very lonely world. So my best friend ends up being the guitar. Time passes without question and it always touches on timeless sense of good ideas and compositions that reflect and pass notes and chords in the moments lived there. I love the sound of the chord with the sixth lowest. The music is full of them, and in different shades.

(The original post was in Portugese, translated using google translate, please tell me if there is any wrong translation)

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